Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Capable - (Illustration Friday)

When I was getting ideas I thought of many talents/powers etc. that could make someone "capable" of many things but then I thought of it from a mother's point of view (and remembering my mother) this line came to mind: "capable of driving me nuts!" :)


  1. Great illo! How capable is he?! I hope the bottom of the box is capable of holding his weight! My mother used to say 'You're driving me up the wall!'. Sounds like we were more than capable...

  2. Very cute! I particularly like both members of the audience. The little girl seems to be smitten, which the dog may slowly start backing away any moment.

  3. Cute, but I do sympathize with his mother. ;p

  4. hehe - brilliant illustration. The little sister is my favourite.

  5. Really cool.
    I am a teacher, and was just this morning making my Power Point, for our weekly vocab. One of our new words is "capable," and so I was lucky to find your website!
    Thanks so much!!
    Keep on blogging!
    Mr. Chiocca
    ELL Teacher (Mass.)